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En Gudinna...

Jag hade turen att famla över en underbar lista härifrån. Läs och njut, det finns mycket viktigt att begrunda! Jag tror dock att man ska försöka att inte få allt för stor prestationsångest när man läser detta. Att uppnå den perfektion som beskrivs på alla punkter skulle nog ta mer än en livstid! Men att använda listan som goda råd och som reflektion kring hur man själv hanterar livet tror jag bara är nyttigt. :-)




Believes in herself and never attempts to adopt or imitate the identity of another. She knows her own authentic self.

Never feels the need to correct the behavior of those around her. Intuitively she knows there's work to be done on herself.

Doesn't falsify who she is in order to place herself in what she refers to as a "higher class". She knows that in nature there are no distinguishing of classes. There just IS.

Respects all others as equals and accepts that they choose to live their lives according to their own beliefs about themselves.

Doesn't feel the need to CONTROL. She understands the process of ALLOWING stimulated by her desires. This, she knows, is her MAGIC.

Will draw many people and relationships to her because of her magnetic appeal. Those around her know she has much to offer.

Never makes assumptions.

Always does her best.

Knows the difference between healthy and unhealthy fear.

Accepts responsibility for herself and her actions and knows the problem doesn't ALWAYS lie with others.

Learns to look upon problems through the eyes of love, not through the eyes of fear.

Avoids situations and people who attempt to block her FLOW! She remains true to herself!

Finds her Goddess given creative talents and expresses them with ease.

Is an outer expression of an inner condition.

Will never feel the need to protect herself from lifes experiences. She trusts her own process.

Never makes others feel less than she in order to gain a false sense of security.

Faces all her "demons" and loves herself anyway.

Knows that in the light of forgiveness comes the wisdom of understanding.

Realizes that guilt is a means of destruction, not reparation.

Understands the real meaning of the word "redemption".

Regards herself as an intensely sexual being and knows that this is a Blessed gift.

Loves all of nature and believes it is a Sacred Manifestation of Spirit where all things are interconnected.

Uses knowledge as a tool, not a weapon.

Knows that each person must find their own way.

Does not believe in an absolute good or evil, but instead contemplates and seeks out a balance in the interplay between light and dark.

Knows that in order to spread light, she must first become the light.

A Goddess whispers the song of the Moon in the Knowledge of herself.

/Kim Cresson

Postat av: Sabina

Jag sökte på google, och hamnade på din blogg.
Efter att ha skummat igenom bloggen lite, så såg jag att du hade tankar om att hålla "häxlektioner".
Jag har studerat och praktiserat wicca av och till (i brist på tid) under 4 år, men jag har aldrig direkt varit i kontakt med någon wiccan. Vart i Sverige håller du hus? Det skulle vara väldigt trevligt att få dela med sig av tankar och åsikter med någon.
Hör gärna av dig :)
Merry Meet!

2008-01-16 @ 18:19:28
Postat av: Ceriadwen

Hej Sabina!

Vad kul att du skriver. Jag befinner mig i Östergötland, nära Linköping närmare bestämt. Var finns du?


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