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Här kommer en riktig Beltane-text som jag hittade på nätet. ;)

          Deep within the dream of silence
          Blood and passions born beyond,
          Gather at the serpent's calling,
          Echo to its siren song.

          For deep within the cauldron's darkness
          Two hearts ache to join as one,
          Must answer to the serpent's laughter;
          Dance within its spiral song.

          For blood is called, and passions gather:
          Drum beat rhythms call the blood
          To dance the paths of passion's power,
          To sing for joy, for life, for love.

          Within the shadows of a clearing
          Deep within the silent green,
          Revealed through a veil of moonlight,
          Caught beside a crystal stream.

          A woman from the land of beauty
          Dances in the silver light,
          Entranced within a web of silver
          Woven by the serpent's light.

          The serpent's laughter, song of shadows,
          Echoes through the spinning web,
          Weaving dreams with songs of silver,
          Calling sacred fires long dead.

          Within her body, flames awaken
          Beauty and her passions need
          Power and a desperate yearning,
          Calling to the serpent's seed.
          Within the ancient forest shadows,
          Roots and boughs that weave and dream,
          re-echo to the serpent's laughter,
          Weaving webs of dancing green.
          The serpent's song now calls the Hunter;
          Beast Lord, Master of the Woods.
          Calls the Stag Lord from the shadows,
          Woodland's Master, Lord of Love.

          She dances now, her passions spiral,
          Calls her love into the night;
          He flies upon the wings of laughter,
          Led on by her silver light.

          Flesh and sinew, man and muscle,
          Loins that ache now hear her call.
          She hears the Hunter's horn of power,
          Hears his cry and hunting call.

          The Stag Lord stalks within the clearing,
          She turns to flee, but cannot run.
          Transformed she spreads herself for passion,
          Calling with her silver song.
          Both their bodies rage with passions,
          Beasts now dance within their blood.
          Their eyes now flash with love's own lightning
          As flesh now kindles warm for love.

          Her thighs remember mothers' movements,
          Moments from her mother's birth,
          Cries of silver golden laughter
          Plough within the fertile earth.

          Their song and cry a single moment,
          Pain, and yet a single joy,
          As Earth unites a single sunlight
          Lust fulfilled, reborn as joy.

Postat av: neina

WOW vilken text... Ska begrunda... Tack!

Får jag också rekommendera låten Suvetar, med gruppen Gjallarhorn! youtube:
Wg" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjLTrKuKWg och för en översättning av texten (men om någon kan finska, snälla, kolla om det är rätt översatt?) http://www.womensspace.org/Music/128.html


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